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Featuring an eclectic and carefully curated mix of exquisitely designed houses, public institutions, expansive landscape projects, and religious buildings, join Architours for an exclusive peek into not only spaces, communities, and buildings – but also the architectural strategies that govern and inform their design.

Explore the essence of Singapore’s rich urban environment through a guided walk into hidden architectural gems and wonders situated in all corners of Singapore. Discover and learn about the meticulous planning and design processes behind the architecture of these projects from the architects and designers themselves as they walk you through their creations.


Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA) | RichardHO Architects

16th SIA Architectural Design Awards (shortlisted, results to be announced on 29 Sep 2016)

(Photo Credit: Lee Zhi Jie)

Returning to the fundamentals of architecture - the geometry of space; the design proposal begins with hexagonal pods that the architects conceived as clusters of kennels, forming the three main animal enclosures – Holding Area, Quarantine Area and Adoption Centre.

Designed for natural daylight and ventilation, each enclosure houses the animals and staff in a protected environment. Yet from inside, the multi-faceted and porous plan accentuates the sense of connection to the surrounding landscape, constantly reminding visitors of the buildings’ and animals' co-existence with nature. To facilitate natural daylight and ventilation, the architects designed a prefabricated ventilation block wall that will let in light and ventilation but not the rain

The design of this animal shelter seeks to demonstrate that architecture in its essence requires clarity in spatial and formal articulation. Design solutions that are inspired and appropriate are not derived ’out of the box', instead they require a deep understanding of the context and purpose.

House at Holland Park | studioMilou Singapore

World Architecture Festival Awards 2016 (shortlist)

(Photo Credit: Fernando Javier Urquijo)

The design centres around the creation of an intimate yet expansive garden sanctuary, holding layers of living spaces and prioritizing elegant meditative environments. Characterized by fluidity and a fusion between exterior and interior spaces, the project conveys a deep respect for historical elements and a harmonious relationship with the wider natural and human context.

Views traverse and link one space to another, the main residence and the conservation house. Large glass windows frame the abundant foliage, offering a warm palette of rich greens beside the stone and polished Burmese teak of floors and walls. From the landscaped roof of the new building are tree-top views of surrounding houses, and in turn, neighbours enjoy views of Holland Park’s verdure, which discreetly contains the monumental nature of the design.

SkyVille @ Dawson | WOHA

BCA Universal Design Mark Platinum

(Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall)

SkyVille @ Dawson is a public housing project commissioned by the Housing and Development Board of Singapore. Three main themes - community, variety and sustainability - form the basis of WOHA's design. Each home is designed to be part of a Sky Village comprising 80 homes that share a naturally-ventilated community terrace and garden. Every tower is composed of 4 vertically stacked Sky Villages across 3 interconnected blocks (total 12 villages, 960 homes). Other communal areas include an Urban Plaza comprising a supermarket, coffee shop and retail spaces, Community Living Rooms at ground level and pavilions designed around a 150m long bioswale. The Rooftop Park incorporates a 400m jogging track and pavilions that support a PV array that powers common lighting.

Awarded Platinum, Singapore's highest sustainable rating, the project adopts passive design strategies and maximises construction technologies for precast components. Designed for tropical living, the units are orientated north-south and have openings on all sides, bringing in light and air without the need for air-conditioning.

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Weatherproof equipment (recommended): Hat, Cap, Sunnies and Umbrella

About Archifest 2016 | www.archifest.sg

Archifest 2016, an annual public festival for Singapore to celebrate architecture and the built environment, is organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects, in partnership with Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects. 2016 sees the festival celebrating its 10th anniversary, which will be held from 23 September to 9 October 2016 at Raffles Place Park. The 2016 theme is titled “Exhale”. Join us at the Archifest Pavilion for a respite, from our brisk rhythm of everyday life.

About Architours

The highly anticipated Architours returns at Archifest 2016, with newly curated journeys aimed to inspire tour visitors as they visit award winning as well as unique buildings in Singapore. Some of the locations will be guided by the architects who desigened them! The Singapore Institute of Architects, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects, and The Architecture Society (TAS) of National University of Singapore is proud to present yet another inspiring series of Architours, as part of Archifest 2016. LIKE us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/archifest) for updates on the tours!

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